Monday, August 25, 2014

Toni's Big Six Journey #5

Being in the writing scene isn't always easy.  In fact it can be quite opposite rather.
I, uhm, I am writing this at 12:31 am 8.12.2014 on my laptop on iCloud notes and I have no idea how I am, but I like it (edited on laptop).

I can see all my old notes and let me tell you I have some weird ones and I have some great ones.  The great thing about being a writer is: NOT EVERYTHING WE WRITE HAS TO BE GOLD, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE GOOD! In fact my advice is to write something horrible. Misspell words, be grammatically incorrect, let it be AWFUL!, but for the love of all things writerly let it be good.  Let it be you, your mind, your craziness, your hopes and dreams and desires, your fears and worries, let it be free. Don't confine it, don't ever confine anything to being perfect, because that takes the beauty and the art away from the craft and turns it into something scientific.  Let writing be!  Let it be something that cannot be explained, that cannot be contained, that cannot be won or lost, just let it be.

When did we start writing for anyone other than ourselves?  "Published is the goal!" Is something I often reply often when asked what I want to do with my life, as if that is the greatest thing I can do. I mean, yeah, it IS THE GOAL, obviously for all of us.  But shouldn't finishing a book be the goal?  The story is ours, we decided to share it. As writers we are generous people, we are letting someone, lots of someones into our minds.  Now that's intimate.

I often write for my characters and I think that that may be the problem.  I mean I need to keep them in mind and yeah, the books are theirs, but I need to write it for me, so they can live outside of me.  I need them to exist on a plane that is tangible.  You can touch a book, you cannot touch a thought.  And they are wonderful.  I love them more than anyone, more than anything.  And, god, do I wish they were ACTUALLY tangible.  If Devon or Jake or Lennox or oh my god Julien or Adonis were real!  That is the goal, to make them REAL! They are real to me in a way they can never be real to the reader, and for the opposite, they will be real to the reader in a way they cannot be real to me.  That right there…that is the goal.  Yes! Because finishing means letting them live.  They are alive to us, and they need to be alive to the world.

Yeah, that's it.  Share your story, but for the love of all things holy, write for yourself and let your one and only goal be finishing, then you can conquer the publishing world.  Because even if you don't go to print, it doesn't matter, they, our loves, live on paper and that my friends is true beauty.  True beauty.

And in closing, it doesn’t matter what people, the readers, the editors, the reviewers, the betas, the anyones say.  It is yours.  Be proud of it and do NOT let a bad review or bad query experience determine your life.  All that matters is that it is important to you and you alone. And the second thing that matters is: that they, our gorgeous, flawed, broken, sometimes dead characters get to live! They get to live, through us, through paper. And back to the true beauty quote above.

Please send me ideas for what YOU want to see written about!

Peace, Love, & Inspiration
Keep writing & remember

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Quote: “NEVER LET A WORD DEFINE WHO YOU ARE.” - - Kyle Parsons 

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