Saturday, December 14, 2013

♫ On The Second Day of Christmas ♫

♫ On the second day of Christmas
My favorite author sent to me:
Two turtle doves and
A partridge in a pear tree. ♫
(another coupon for a second free ebook)

On the second day of Christmas, I'm offering a coupon for a free ebook, Guardians of the Cross (Warrior, #2). The cover was revamped this summer. Enjoy! 

Genre: young adult
Pages: 418
Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
Coupon: EG99X
Link: Smashwords
Expires: 24 hours
(Feel free to hang onto this and give as your own gift to a friend, family member, or colleague.)

Allison La Crosse discovers she has several powers, including a spiritual gift to heal the dying with her touch. With the new found awareness, she uncovers mind-boggling truths about a world, which has been hidden her whole life, thanks to her mother’s selfless actions.

The most important revelation pertains to her ordained place within The Disciples of the Cross as one of their Warriors. This position moves her even closer to her mentor, Brody Kennedy, who ends up being the only other Warrior.

Just as suddenly, it catapults her into the middle of a war between The Sect and The Disciples. Allison’s appointment to Warrior—alongside Brody—exacerbates the leader of The Sect’s malicious hunt for her.

As a result, everything about her existence is altered. With the modification of her life, she prepares to do anything necessary to save everyone loved by her… including Brody and Clark.

Allison La Crosse

Allison learn more about her abilities with each save. With a clearer understanding of who she is and what she offers the world comes more responsibility and more danger.  With each passing hour, her bond with Brody strengthens until she's sure she feels his every emotion and she realizes his death will be her own.

Brody Kennedy

Brody refuses to allow Allison the opportunity to sacrifice herself in order to protect the people she's bonded with (the people she's saved). He understands the unconditional connection, but he can't allow her to take the chances she's so determined to take, and he's prepared to take advantage of everything available to him in order to keep her safe.

Clark Ardent

Clark sees what Brody sees, and he quickly takes Brody's side when it comes to keeping Allison safe. No matter how much Brody and Allison's relationship hurts him, he's determined to fulfil his responsibilities to Allison... to maintain the relationship the two of them have.

Suri Chan

The beautiful - evil - Suri is as manipulative as any arch nemesis has ever been. She wants Brody. She hates Allison. Above all else, she is willing to do anything to drive a wedge between them. When she  finds the weakest link, she takes full advantage of it and without realizing it puts Brody's life in as much danger as Allison's.

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