Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where's Rory? The Wandering by Heather Sutherlin

One of our members, Heather Sutherlin, has a little problem. Her character, Rory from Seen, fell through a portal and is missing. The really bad news? Her sequel, Wandering, comes out on June 25th. It’s tough to release a new book when your main character is missing and you don’t even know what planet they’re on!

So, a few of us decided to help her out. We wracked our brains, trying to figure out where Rory might be found. We still aren’t exactly sure where to find her, but we sure know where The Wanderer is NOT going to be discovered. Each of us posted our own clues to help narrow down the search. We’re even offering a reward for information that leads to the recovering of this rogue character.

Now the clock is ticking and we could really use your help! Will you join the search? Just follow the clues below and then click HERE to leave your guess and claim your chance at a reward.

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